Squadron Insignia

red dot The Squadron insignia was designed by Ensign Norman C. Peterson in 1953. The insignia has evolved throughout its history and contains carefully chosen details which were significant in the development of a combat ready squadron.

red dot The unsheathed sword, positioned in the vigilant or attack position over the ocean, depicts the squadron's primary mission of maintaining lines of communication and denying them to an enemy. The colors of the sword signify a legendary balance of strength and stability. The background of black and gold symbolizes our capability to strike under day or night conditions. The twin flashes of lightning denote speed and swiftness of the attack. The lion rampant denotes fighting ability as well as strength in the pursuit of the attack. The red claws indicate fierceness, while the red border is a symbol of raw power.

red dot The Swordsmen are proud of our insignia and are dedicated to protect the ideals and philosophy it represents and to country strong and free.