Commanding Officers

VA-702 was commanded by LCDR Clark Seagraves.

51-52CDR B.T. Simonds70-71CDR W.A. Rubey
52-53LCDR H.C. McLaugherty71-72CDR G.E.Matt
53-54CDR J.A. Duncan72-73CDR R.S. Owens
54-56CDR G.L. Bergey73-74CDR F.J. Metz
56-57CDR W.P. Blackwell74-75CDR R.W. McFerren
57-58CDR C.S. Brookes75-77CDR R.A. Powell
58-59CDR W.H. Alexander77-78CDR V.J Huth
59-60CDR H.S. Herrick78-79CDR J. Juan
60-60CDR W.H. Ireland79-80CDR D.D. Williams
60-61CDR E.B. Berger80-82CDR F.D. Litvin
61-62CDR R.A. Norin82-83CDR M.J. Reilly
62-63CDR B.L. Blackwelder83-84CDR C.G. Overton
63-64CDR H.A. Hoy84-86CDR A.N. Langston
64-65CDR M.D. Blixt86-87CDR K.G. Bixler
65-66CDR H.F. Griffith87-88CDR S.A. Hazelrigg
66-67CDR D.E.Sparks88-90CDR R.T. Palsgrove
67-68CDR W.J.Schutz90-91CDR H.D. Starling II
68-69CDR N.R.Gooding, Jr.91-92CDR R.J. Cassara
69-70CDR J.S. Holland92-93CDR D.A. Rogers

From: Dictionary of American Naval Aviation Squadrons, Volume I, 1995 Naval Historical Center, Department of the Navy, Washington DC